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Frode Soerensen


The purpose of the page is to propagate the idea of substitution. Substitution of hazardous chemicals is a method to a fundamental and continued improvement of occupational health by selection and development of alternative technical processes using less hazardous chemicals or no chemicals at all.

From 1976 to 1993 a window was sometimes open in Denmark to make research in substitution. Unfortunately I still find this research actual and relevant, because in reality so little has been done in this area, especially in using the result. Therefore I hope that this page can be an inspiration for methods, results, and both practical and political experiences.

Graduated from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with a master degree as chemical engineer I have worked at the University of Copenhagen (KU), Department of Medical Chemistry, and DTU, Department of Chemical Engineering, with chemicals in working environment and especially substitution of hazardous chemicals.

Key words Substitution, "hazardous chemicals", "working environment", "occupational health", "cleaner technology", "human rights", "long-term effects", carcinogenic, reprotoxic, allergenic, neurotoxic, "chronic toxic encephalopaty", "organic solvents", "metal degreasing", adhesives, soldering, brazing, flux, lubrication, "cutting fluids", "constructions paints", offset, blasting, electroplating, epoxy resins, polyurethanes,  acrylates, quartz, cadmium, fluorides, borates, cyanides, nickel, chromates.

Latest updated 05-09-2012

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